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Our Purpose

The purposes of the Community Centre, as outlined in its Constitution, may require a review in line with our Vision, future direction and our changing community.
Our Constitution states the following:

  • Provide fellowship for members.
  • Provide an educational facility, incorporating adult education for the community
  • A meeting place for other community groups.
  • A drop-in centre.
  • Sharing of skills.

Our Vision

“To be a sustainable community centre delivering life, education and social skills, and a place of connectivity to meet our community’s needs”

Our Mission

“Creating and delivering programs and activities that meet existing and emerging needs of our growing and diverse community, whilst maintaining solid governance practices.”

Our Committee

  Mheg       Glenn    Gail  Bernadette  Neil

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Arts & Crafts

Skills & Technology

Conversational English

Health & Wellbeing

Community Support

Special Interest